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McPherson Cellars

McPherson Cellars: A legacy of Texas winemaking

Kim McPherson would probably prefer that you judge McPherson Cellars by the taste of its wines, and not by its rich Texas winemaking pedigree, but since you have printed words and not a glass of wine in front of you, indulge me for a moment.

Cork This! Winery

Cork This! Winery Staycation Chardonnay

In a way, Cork This! Winery is a bold, risk-taking venture. It’s producing Malbec, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Barbera and a “Riesling type wine,” which is quite a variety of varietals, especially since none of them are ideal for Texas (though the grapes generally come from Texas at this winery)

Miso Marinated Mero at Carillon.

Carillon’s Patrick Jones faces Texas wine prejudices and geeks out at Mulberry

In the second part of this interview with Carillon beverage director Patrick Jones, we explore Texas wine prejudices, cocktails and where Jones likes to geek out on wine when he’s not working.

Carillon wine list

Carillon’s Patrick Jones opens up about sipping wine at 12 and grapes that work in Texas

Patrick Jones’ first experience with Texas wine wasn’t good — these things happen when you are 12. Luckily, he kept an open mind as he approached adulthood.

Clark Gardens Weatherford Texas

March 31–April 1: Clark Gardens Spring Festival

Spring means gardening, and wine. In our world anyway. The good folks at Clark Gardens in Weatherford agree. They are hosting an annual garden party that will include food and entertainment for all ages. This, of course, includes Texas wines (Barking Rocks Winery among others) and Texas cheeses. The weekend event will also feature art, [...]

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Arche Vineyards: Saving Texas vines

Arché Vineyards started with old vines, but not in the sense that's used to market Zinfandel. Before the Davies family rebuilt the vineyard in 1999, the vines were completely hidden under brush and trees; the land had been planted for table grape production in 1984 and abandoned not long after.

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